Mama Marocco


Casablanca, Morocco


The Issue

35 million people live in Morocco. According to 2009 figures, the child mortality rate is 30.4%.

Every year in Morocco, 4,000 children are born with heart diseases. More than 99% of these children could undergo heart surgery but due to a lack of suitable medical facilities, less than 500 surgeries are performed each year.

There is a desperate need for more facilities, doctors and nurses to keep up with demand for heart surgeries amongst Moroccan children.

About Mama Morocco

Mama Morocco will work alongside a new Child Cardiology and Heart Disease Centre, which will be not only be the largest in Morocco but the first centre entirely dedicated to supporting children and their mothers.  The centre will be able to perform a further 300/400 procedures a year and therby almost doubling the current number. In addition to this, the project will be focusing on the training of medical professionals and the care and support of child patients and their mothers.

How The Italian Circle Are Supporting Mama Morocco

The Italian Circle will be raising funds and awareness for the plight of these Moroccan mothers. The project will be supporting:

  • Specialized training for nurses
  • The mothers of hospitalized children with initiatives such as a ‘Mom Kit’ which will contain vital items for the time they spend in hospital during their child’s recovery period such as sheets and hygiene products.


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