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An estimated three million girls are out of school in India and the situation is worse in rural areas of Rajasthan, where girls are three times more likely to be out of school than other children in India. The female literacy rate in Rajasthan is 52%, the lowest in the country, and six in ten girls in Rajasthan marry as children.

In the most disadvantaged areas of rural India, poverty and unsuitable installations at schools are some of the reasons why girls do not receive and education or drop out of school at an early age. There is also a lack of awareness of the impact that educating girls has for a community and girls tend to be the ones to give up their education whenever extra help is needed at home. Interrupted education means that, whenever they get the chance to go back to school, they are behind with the syllabus.

Educate Girls’ method

Our partner Educate Girls is addressing all these issues and focusing on three main goals: increasing girls’ enrolment and retention rates and improving the quality of education.

The first step is to identify and enrol girls who are out of school through a team of community-based volunteers. To increase school retention rates, Educate Girls works with communities to raise awareness of the importance of educating girls, improves the quality of education, makes school installations more suitable for girls and imparts life-skills training to an elected Girl Council of adolescent girls.

Educate Girls implements child-centric Creative Learning and Teaching (CLT) techniques in order to improve learning levels of both boys and girls. The activity-based curriculum, implemented with the help of CLT kits, brings in child-friendly, activity-based learning techniques into the classroom. The kits are used with all children in years 3, 4 and 5 and are specifically designed to help children, mostly girls, who are behind with the syllabus and need to catch up with their class.

The Circle’s contribution

In previous years, The Circle was able to provide CLT kits to 47 schools for 1,470 children.

However, this year, with the support from The Circle, Educate Girls will be able to deliver CLT kits to 301 more schools in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, improving the education of7,000 children.

Suhani's Story

Suhani* is 11 years old and lives in rural Rajasthan. A few years ago, Suhani was struggling to learn how to read and write. Her parents decided that she was not gaining much from going to school and she dropped out. Suhani was then confined to cooking, cleaning, fetching water and taking care of her younger siblings…

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*Not real name.