ACT Alberta


Supporting survivors of human trafficking



Globally, three-quarters of human trafficking is for sex, and most of its victims are women and girls. In Canada, sex trafficking remains an issue within and across borders. 70% of the survivors of trafficking that ACT Alberta assists are women. All of the survivors of sex trafficking assisted by ACT Alberta are women and trans women. 50% of the victims of labour trafficking that they have assisted have been women, and many of these women have experienced sexual violence inflicted by their traffickers.

Education, advocacy, agency collaboration and victim assistance are all essential in tackling the issue of sex trafficking of women and girls.

About ACT Alberta

With the vision of an Alberta free from trafficking, ACT Alberta works collaboratively with law enforcement, government agencies and non-governmental organizations to identify and respond to human trafficking in Alberta. They operate in three ways: providing Victim Support Services to victims of sexual trafficking, educating providers and stakeholders on how to identify and support victims and conducting research on the current human trafficking situation in Calgary.

How The Calgary Circle are supporting ACT Alberta

With a donation from The Calgary Circle, ACT Alberta will be able to support 15-20 victims of trafficking through their Victim Support Services and Victim Assistance Fund. Victim Support Services offer case management to victims of human trafficking. ACT Alberta’s case workers provide support, information and referral services to help victims and their families. The Victim Assistance Fund offers support for financial needs of victims of trafficking.

ACT Alberta’s Victim Support Services focus on…

  • trauma recovery and other impacts resulting from a human trafficking experience.
  • Preventing the continued victimization and revictimization of trafficking victims by assisting persons to address safety and security concerns resulting from a human trafficking experience.
  • Helping to improve access to the justice system by addressing obstacles that prevent persons’ participation in criminal justice processes in relation to a human trafficking experience.
  • Supporting persons affected to exercise their rights as victims of crime.
  • Lastly, by preventing re-traumatization associated with the justice system, by exercising strategies to reduce the impact of activities associated with the justice system.

Global Goals

The Circle strives to support projects that are working towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Global Goal 5, Gender Equality.

ACT Alberta addresses Goal 5’s Target 5.2: To end all violence against and exploitation of women and girls. This target aims to eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation.

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