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What we are working on


How we approach our work

To ensure our work has the biggest impact, we look at all the angles when it comes to tackling inequality. We support a broad range of projects that help women become independent, confident and able to stand up for their rights and influence change.
We know that collaboration is vital in bringing about lasting change, which is why we work with experienced partners as well as on our own projects to support some of the most disempowered women in the world.

Supporting Garment Workers

The project will provide immediate relief for garment workers and their families who have been left destitute in light of the Covid-19 crisis, in partnership with the Clean Clothes Campaign.

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Irise International

Irise International educates girls about their menstrual and reproductive health and makes sanitary products available and affordable in their communities.

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glasgow rape and crisis centre

Glasgow Rape Crisis

The Scottish Circle are supporting Rape Crisis Glasgow, an organisation that has been supporting victims of rape, sexual assault and/or sexual violence since 1976.

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Nonceba Women Shelter

The Nonceba Family Counselling Centre offers counselling, access to healthcare, legal support and a place to stay for women who have survived violence.

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Maternal Health Rights

The Lawyers Circle has made a commitment to our partner the UN Every Woman Every Child Campaign to assist the Tanzanian government in the progress towards government and institutional legal accountability for maternal health rights in Tanzania.

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A Living Wage

In some countries 80% of the labour workforce in the fashion industry are women. Many do not earn a living wage and their basic human rights are not upheld. Read more about our work towards a legal solution to this problem.

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Marie Colvin Journalists' Network

A new network for female journalists working in the Middle East and North Africa brings together experienced journalists with courageous reporters, often working with little or no support, to create a vibrant online community.

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