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When women come together, they are a force to be reckoned with. This belief is what sparked The Circle over ten years ago, when our founder Annie Lennox brought together fourteen women to discuss what could be done to support women who can’t realise many of their fundamental rights, such as access to education and healthcare and freedom from violence. Since then the network grew and now The Circle is an organisation of many, many members —women who use their skills, knowledge, creativity and resources to support some of the most disempowered women and girls worldwide. We are Women Empowering Women.

But we believe that the fight for gender equality has to be inclusive. To reach it, men can and must stand next to us as allies to the Global Feminist movement. So, if you are a man, here is how you can get involved in our work and make a difference.

Learn about gender inequality

Learn about the issues women and girls face and encourage the men and women in your life to join the conversation. Use what you have learnt to amplify the voices of those women who have been denied a voice. Our Global Feminism page is a good place to start.

 Attend our events

Our events are where our members and allies connect and share ideas. By attending our events you will help us raise funds to support life-changing projects, meet like-minded people and learn about gender inequality and what we are doing to end it. Click here to see our upcoming events.

Gift a membership

Enable a woman you know to join The Circle by gifting her a membership. The Circle membership is the perfect gift for a woman who wants to be actively involved in the Global Feminist movement, bring attention to important issues and amplify the voices of disempowered women. By gifting a membership of The Circle, you will be gifting the opportunity to connect, learn and make change with other like-minded women. Click here to find out more about gifting a membership.  Alternatively, you can encourage women to join The Circle to be informed and inspired in order to take action for other women less able to realise their rights.


We are always looking for content creators, writers, digital marketing pros, WordPress connoisseurs, events wizards, graphic designers, people who love to make beautiful spreadsheets and much more. If you would like to use your skills to support our work or acquire new skills, sign up here.

Donate to a project

You can also make a one-off donation to a project you are passionate about. Click here to see our current projects looking for funding.

Become an Ally of The Circle

Become an ally by making a regular donation of at least £5 monthly to our organisation. Thanks to regular donations we can continue to be a sustainable organisation that connects women from around the world and gives them the right tools to support disempowered women and girls. By becoming a ally, you will receive newsletters, get access to our events open to allies and get priority booking on to our public events. Click here to make a regular donation to The Circle and become an ally.


If you run a business that shares our values and would like to make the world a better place, get in touch. We would love to discuss any ways we could look to collaborate. Click here to get in touch.