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Who are our members?

Our members are women from all walks of life —lawyers, waitresses, mothers, students, businesswomen and everything in between. They are central to our work, our voice, our influence —the powerhouse behind everything we do.

They use their skills, creativity, voices and connections to raise awareness about inequality and raise funds to continue our vital work with women worldwide.

We just couldn’t do it without them.

Why become a member?

Connect: The Circle is a connecting hub. As a member, you will connect with like-minded women and be a part of an organisation that has a passionate interest in the rights of women across the globe.

Learn: You will have the opportunity to attend a variety of fun and inspiring events, where you will learn more about the issues we work on and women that we support. You will also receive a monthly e-newsletter and an invitation to our Annual Gathering, where all our members can come together and listen to some inspiring speakers and stories that illustrate how their support really can help change lives.

Be a part of change: Members of The Circle get involved in many ways –they raise awareness about the challenges that women and girls face, raise funds by organising and attending events, create campaigns and lobby for change. Every member has different skills and connections and every member is valuable in their own way.

How to become a member

All we ask of our members is to make the annual membership donation, which is a minimum of £5 per month or a one-off payment of £60.

As a further incentive to join us and invest in making the world more equal and fair, our founder, Annie Lennox, has a message for you:

In my role as founder of The Circle, and to show my commitment, I wanted to let you know that when you join us, I will personally match your membership fee as an extra contribution —so that your personal investment will be double in value. Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to create the changes we want to see. I look forward to welcoming you as a new member.

Very best wishes,

Annie Lennox


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