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Your time and investment can make a huge difference in the global movement for gender equality.

Financial resource is a valuable investment in the global movement for gender equality. Women and girls are empowered through a partnership with The Circle, even as they face the worst injustices of inequality. Women and girls all over the world are leading extraordinary grassroots projects and advocating for positive and lasting change. Their potential is limitless when they are given the resource needed to empower their communities. Your fundraising and sharing of financial resources is a powerful gesture of solidarity.

The global pandemic has exacerbated inequalities globally. Vulnerable women and girls, especially those in marginalised communities have been disproportionated impacted by Covid-19. Over the past few months, we have seen that our members and supporters are more motivated than ever to galvanise support the women and girls at the heart of our work and the resources below will support you to make a difference at this crucial time!

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