Webinar: Marie Colvin Network
The Circle's Annual Gathering 2019


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Webinar with Dima Hamdan, Editor of the Marie Colvin Journalists' Network

We were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to interview with Dima Hamdan, Editor of the Marie Colvin Journalists Network and to discuss the project and the services they offer to female journalists working in conflict zones.

We heard from Dima about her most challenging and compelling moments in her role and discuss what is in store for the network.

This ambitious project offers a new network for over 100 members from across the MENA region, all local female journalists, often working under very difficult circumstances. The Network brings together experienced journalists and up-and-coming reporters, often working with little or no support, to create a vibrant online community where members can receive practical support and mentoring and can share advice with other journalists working in the area.

The Network offers wide-ranging practical and professional support to members, including online resources in English and Arabic covering professional journalism tips, safety and security, mental health, legal aid, job opportunities, and more.

When? 1pm, 18th June, 2019.

Where? GoToTraining