Webinar: Brenda Kelly on FGM/C
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Webinar:Brenda Kellyon FGM/C

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Webinar on FGM/C with Dr Brenda Kelly, an Obstetrician and FGM/C specialist

We were delighted to launch The Circle Webinar Series for our members, which will cover a range of issues that affect women and girls around the world.

In the first edition of the series, The Circle member Dr Brenda Kelly talked about female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C), a type of gender-based violence that affects more than 200 million women and girls alive today. Dr Kelly leads the team at the Oxford Rose Clinic, which specialises in treating women and girls who have undergone FGM/C. The clinic is run by a team of female doctors with experience in women’s health, chronic pain, psychosexual therapy and psychological medicine.

Dr Kelly talked about the types of FGM and the most common types she sees in her patients at the Rose Clinic. She also spoke about her patients’ diverse backgrounds, some of their common experiences as survivors of FGM and the social aspects of FGM —”to be circumcised is to belong and to be uncircumcised is not to belong”, she said.

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