Ways To Support The Circle
Photo credit: Nader Elgadi

WaysTo SupportThe Circle



Webinar: How you can help us support women and girls

Having the opportunity to have an indepth discussion about the Circle was uplifting and inspiring. It’s great to feel there are so many exciting possibilities and ways to get involved in the important work of supporting and building solidarity with women around the world. It’s empowering to link up with other women who are out there making a difference, it reduces the feeling of overwhelm and isolation that we can feel in the face of global issues for women. – The Circle Member, Katie Rose

Due to the great success of these webinars Peta will be hosting webinars giving members the opportunity to connect with The Circle and each other more regularly. Keep an eye out for the next webinar on our upcoming events page.

Members of The Circle are active citizens who are part of the global movement for gender equality. Some of our members are more active in their membership, while others are part of our network to increase their knowledge or support The Circle’s projects aimed at empowering marginalised women and girls.

Many of our members, friends and allies ask us “What can I do?”, so in response we hosted a webinar on Tuesday 16 October 2018 to discuss ways to get involved in The Circle.

Our Relationship Manager Peta Barrett hosted an interactive session to talk about The Circle’s plans and ways that you can be more involved in our work.

The 45-minute discussion began with Peta sharing an update from the core team and things to look forward to for the remainder of 2018. This was followed by an informal discussion where our members shared their ideas and interests and asked questions that they had about the organisation.

Event details

When? 16 October at 9 am, 1 pm and 6 pm.