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Unseen Stories: Behind the Lens with Photographers Tara Moller and Mary Quincy

The Circle’s ongoing COVID-19 emergency appeal is currently raising crucial funds for vulnerable women and girls disproportionately affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and whose experiences are not always visible or seen around the world.

To build awareness around those women’s stories, The Circle (NGO) is excited to welcome esteemed photographers Tara Moller and Mary Quincy to a panel discussion on the theme of global feminism through the unseen stories that feminist photography can bring to light. The panel will be moderated by Rashmi Dube, an award-winning lawyer, columnist and renowned public speaker.

Who is seen and who is not defines the status quo, and those that embody the ‘unseen’ are marginalised and cast out from popular discourse? How has it happened that some women’s stories have been left behind? What can we do to ensure that all global female experience is seen and heard?

This informed conversation will also touch upon the role of our fabulous photographers, currently operating in a male-dominated industry, to shine light on these stories and histories. Who are the women behind the lens? What is the relationship between subject and photographer, and how does the camera mediate this space?

Alongside the event, we will be hosting an online auction selling beautiful print, digital and exclusive sets of images taken by our photographers to raise money for the COVID-19 Appeal.  In addition, prints for download and screensavers will be available on The Circle website. More information on when the auction goes live and when photographs are available for download will follow shortly.

About the Panel

Mary Quincy is a full-time photographer based in Paris. She is fascinated by the authenticity of every place she visits & tries to capture instant moments. She is passionate about travel and aims to visit a new place every month. Self-taught, she grew a passion for photography and shares shots taken during her trips around the world on social media. As she explored more than 50 countries, she had the chance to hear and photograph women in many places.

It pushed her to be a member of The Circle to help and support women who can’t be heard and to fight for equal rights. Just like she prefers to be “unseen” on social media by not showing herself, these images are “unseen” as well as they are from her private collection.

Tara Moller is a highly experienced, award-winning photographer based in the UK. She discovered her passion for creativity through her appreciation of the ocean and breath-taking surroundings. From the age of 17, she was inspired by her grandmother’s work, which was featured in the National Geographic and Vogue. Seeing this drove Tara to start exploring and taking her own photographs. Being able to explore different cultures and capture unseen stories globally is key to Tara’s work.

Rashmi Dube is a lawyer, CEO, business thought leader and writer. Rashmi’s day job includes Future Thinking and helping business bring the future to their business now by pivoting and turning their business and brands around. Although Rashmi is relatively a new member to the Circle, having joined in 2018, she has already contributed by raising funds with her fellow paddlers in a dragon boat race, paddling 21 miles along the Thames in The Great River Race, writing blogs and contributing her time in many other ways. Rashmi is passionate about being an advocate for women and girls globally and ensure that they are being seen and heard.

Auction and Downloads

Alongside the event, we will be hosting an online auction selling beautiful print, digital and exclusive sets of images taken by our photographers to raise money for the COVID-19 Appeal.  The Auction is now live and available until 10pm UK time on 31 July 2020.

To make a bid click here.

In addition, prints for download and screen savers will be available on a webpage generously donated by one of The  Circle’s members. Click this link to view the photos available for download with a donation that will support our Women and Girls Solidarity Fund.