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The Circle Connects Online: Members

The Circle Connects is an online networking with the Relationship Manager and members of The Circle who are interested in being active through their membership.

You will have seen our decision to postpone our planned physical events due in the next couple of months and we know many of you have been gathering and planning your own events for the coming year. We’re using this time to keep working towards future events and we are keen to ensure we keep our community of members, allies and supporters feeling as connected as before. Not only will we stay in touch through our emails and social media, but we’re going to introduce a weekly chance to connect up online every Tuesday. To accommodate different time zones, online discussions will be held at midday and 6pm (both GMT). These online sessions will enable us to give members an update on our work, but more importantly keep our community connected.

Get in touch to reserve your spot and let us know what time slot you would prefer.

When? 12pm and 6pm, 19 May 2020

Where? Online