Songwriting for Your Soul

Songwritingfor YourSoul

with vocalist, musician, actress, explorer and technologist, Samsera.

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The Open Circle: Songwriting For Your Soul

A vocalist, musician and actor since childhood Samsera has been a Songwriter all her life. A key part of her journey into her healing, it’s music that called her to the shores to London New York, Australia, India and even Antarctica.

This online workshop is for those of you looking to connect with other songwriters and tap into new ways to channel your experiences, points of view and speak in YOUR voice to what others only dare to dream.

If you’re looking for inspiration and a place to begin or playing with new melodies, lyrics and rhymes, bring your ideas and work to this session to get started and sharpen your techniques.

This is an interactive and collaborative experience, which will be recorded and available for download later if you’ve already registered.

All money raised through ticket sales will go directly to The Circle’s Women and Girls Solidarity fund, an appeal set up to support women who have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

About Samsera

Samsera (a.k.a Sangeeta), is a vocalist, musician, actress, explorer and technologist with a highly developed sense of intuition, vibrant personality and a relentless drive to create. She has dedicated her being to living in alignment with her truth and helping others who wish to do the same.

Growing up in a British Asian community in West London, her world was filled with so many contrasting beliefs and values, it fuelled her journey of self-discovery and healing beyond the boundaries of her cultural upbringing

Her conversational, matter-of-fact lyrics question and confront a judgmental society. Her songs, like footsteps pressed into untouched Antarctic snow, impress upon their subjects her experience as a woman, a minority and an artist.

Innocence, humility, trusting ones heart and instincts, even in the face of adversity are her overall messages, beat palpably on the drum of acceptance and truth.

More information on Samsera and her songs and upcoming projects is available here.