Menstruation Matters
Amy Lea @helloamylea


With Irise International

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Menstruation Matters: With Irise International

The Music Circle and Circle members with a shared professional connection in healthcare hosted an event in support of The Circle’s partner project – Irise International. This was a wonderful and intimate evening during which we heard from Irise International’s Co-Founder Emily Wilson, Researcher Lizzie Goole, Illustrator Natalie Byrne and the fantastic poet, Emily from My Hairy Vagina and Me.

We screened the Oscar-winning documentary Period.End of Sentence to educate and inform our guests on the importance of access to knowledge and essential sanitary products in the global movement for gender equality and enjoyed a stigma-challenging discussion over a glass of wine and some pizza!

A big thank you to all who came!

GCU London kindly gave us the venue for this exciting event. Graphics belong to Amy Lea @helloamylea.