Made in Sri Lanka
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Film Screening, Colombo

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Made in Sri Lanka

Member of The Circle, Dushy, held a film screening of Made in Sri Lanka in Colombo. Thank you to the many guests who joined her for an educational and eye-opening look into the garment industry.

The garment industry in Sri Lanka employs an estimated 350,000 workers. 82% of these workers are women and most of them make less than a living wage.

Made in Sri Lanka follows a group of fashion design students travel to Sri Lanka and come face to face with the women who make our clothes.

Guests also heard from Ashila Dandeniya, who, after leaving the garment sector, has been campaigning for a living wage in Sri Lanka as part of the Stand Up Movement.

Click here to watch the trailer.

When? 4th January, 6.30pm

Where? The British Council, Colombo