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The Open Circle: Living Your Truth - Connect and Discover

The Oxford Circle in collaboration with The Media Circle and The US Members Circle brought you this workshop, developed by member of The Circle Samsera (a.k.a. Sangeeta Sharma), designed to help attendees connect and discover their truth.

A vocalist, musician and actor since childhood and later a Global Technologist, Samsera’s adventure into her own healing lead her on a journey from London to New York, including Australia, India and even Antarctica.

This live online session shared techniques that Samsera uses to untangle and become clear about life choices, similar to those arising for many of us in lockdown; what she calls “Lockdown Bogdown” i.e. lockdown has you bogged down with questions such as:

  •  “Something is missing in my life but what?
  • “I’m not where I thought I’d be at this point in my life. What do I really want?”
  •  “I’ve changed. How can I get clear about what’s next for me?”


All money raised through ticket sales will go directly to The Circle’s Women and Girls Solidarity fund, an appeal set up to support women who have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

About Samsera

Samsera (a.k.a Sangeeta), is an International multilingual, vocalist, musician, actress, explorer and technologist with a highly developed sense of intuition, vibrant personality and a relentless drive to create. She has dedicated her being, to living a life aligned with her truth and helping others on their path who wish to do the same.

Growing up in a British Asian community, her world was filled with so many contrasting beliefs and values, it fuelled her journey of self-discovery and healing beyond the boundaries of her cultural upbringing, leading her to New York city.

It was there she experienced a life-changing accident, which left her unable to walk, yet more “connected” than ever to her own body, giving her the gift of clarity she needed to re-create herself and her life in alignment with what she learned to be her truth. This healing process she sealed by diving into the polar waters of Antarctica on an unexpected expedition, singing and writing songs with clarity, making music videos where she took herself way less seriously and being “called” back to where it all began; her parents home in Hounslow, London, UK.But that’s another story….

More information on Samsera and her songs and upcoming projects is available here.