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Celebrating The Lawyers Circle Living Wage report

After launching Fashion Focus: the Fundamental Right to a Living Wage at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in May, we had a smaller, private celebration to thank everyone involved in making the report possible.

More than fifty people, including activists and lawyers from fourteen countries, contributed to the report, volunteering their time and skills.

The event brought together for the first time some of the lawyers that worked on the report, several members of The Lawyers Circle and their guests, and The Circle founding members and ambassadors Annie Lennox, Livia Firth, Melanie Hall QC and Jane Wellesley.

Jessica Seymor QC, who led the project, explained its findings and what the next steps are to guarantee a living wage for garment workers. Other speakers included The Circle founder Annie Lennox; Chair and founding member of The Lawyers Circle Melanie Hall QC, and The Circle CEO Sioned Jones.

Fashion Focus: the Fundamental Right to a Living Wage

The report examines labour laws and minimum wages in fourteen of the main garment-producing countries in four continents.

It argues that fashion brands that claim to pay garment workers the minimum wage do so knowing that they are not paying a living wage and that a living wage is a fundamental right.

The report also finds that both governments and companies are responsible for ensuring that garment workers get paid a living wage.

Click here to find out more about the report and help us fund the next steps to ensure that garment workers get paid a living wage.