Join the Asian Circle Chai Day ‘Expect Miracles’ Workshop



The Asian Circle is delighted to invite you to our 7th Anniversary event to mark UN Eliminate Violence against Women and Girls (EVAW) and Chai Day

International Life Coach Meenal Madhukar, joining us from Mumbai, will lead the workshop, providing us with new perspectives on the workings of the body and mind and how our energies create this unique experience called ‘life’.

Through extremely simple and fun sessions, the workshop will demonstrate how new ways of thinking can help us to improve every aspect of life influencing health, relationships, and productivity.

The workshop also introduces a powerful meditation technique for tuning into higher frequencies of energies, bringing shifts and changes at an extremely rapid pace.

Meenal experienced a life changing phenomenon leading her to connect to energies that healed people from diseases, emotional, mental, and physical states. In 2015 she resigned from her high profile 25-year International Career as an Investment Corporate Banker having worked for top global banks in India, US, and Europe to explore this path. Meenal now conducts energy-mind-body connect programmes across the globe. In her words, the only product she now sells ‘peace of mind’

The ‘Expect Miracles’ workshop is introduced by Amee, who found mental strength and new energy from the 30 day ‘Expect Miracles’ programme after she had to leave her career due to EDS (Ehlers Danloss Syndrome) – a hugely debilitating health disorder suffered by many.