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The Open Circle: Freeing Our Voices

The Music Circle is excited to invite you to our workshop on vocal expression, hosted by the amazing musician and fellow member, Barbara Diana. An experiential workshop to reconnect with the voice from a body perspective. Through gentle exercises and hopefully a lot of laughter we are going to focus on releasing the voice by reconnecting with the body and releasing the breath, allowing the voice a more natural and authentic expression, where there is no right or wrong way.

The workshop is structured in two parts:

– Exercises to warm up and release body tension, connect to the breath, and connect to the core of sound production.

– Making sounds that become music, and then sing a simple melody, a vocal canon and finally a harmonized melody.

Anybody can benefit from the experience. The workshop provides a safe environment to start exploring one’s vocal expression from a different viewpoint, and to reconnect deeply with a core part of our personalities.

About Barbara

Barbara Diana is a performer, teacher, and coach with a holistic approach to the voice. Alongside her activity as a performer, she has been a Music Director for off West End shows, worked with community choirs and actors, and she works regularly as a coach at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Glyndebourne Festival and the Royal Danish Opera, Copenhagen.