The Circle Networking Series
Photo credit: Every Woman Every Child campaign, UN

The CircleNetworkingSeries



The Circle Networking Series

Karis McLarty’s talk on The Lawyers Circle’s project protecting maternal health rights in Tanzania was recorded. If you would like to listen to the recording, please email us or get in touch using our Contact Form.

On 26 April in Shoreditch, London, a number of our members came together for the first event in The Circle’s new Networking Series. We were delighted to welcome members and their guest with us in the room and those joining us from a number of destinations remotely through video conference.

As members of The Circle we work together to empower some of the most marginalised women and girls in communities around the world by connecting, amplifying, advising and fundraising. The new networking series aims to ensure that all of our members are not only given opportunities to connect with each other but are also able to feel connected with women of the projects we support by ensuring that we are aware of the issues they are facing. Advising and keeping our members informed means we can all be confident enough in our knowledge so that we can use our voices to amplify theirs.

Members were asked by Peta Barrett, The Circle’s Relationship Manager, to leave the event with one fact or bit of information that moved them and to share this with their own networks. Making a difference starts with being informed and spreading the awareness of the issues affecting women and girls.

The speakers

The first speaker for the evening was Dr Larisa Corda, a consultant in reproductive medicine, uniquely ranging from medical to surgical. She has been involved in caring for women from pre-conception through to pregnancy and thereafter. Larisa was born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, in 1982 before moving to the UK aged 7 and, influenced by the women in her life, has developed a particular interest in helping women facing adversities. Larisa has worked for many charitable causes, including the UN as an Ambassador whilst living in Australia. She is a passionate believer that every woman deserves to be empowered with the necessary tools and information to be able to make her own decisions and judgements that will allow her to influence the course of her own life. She continues to promote this message in the care she offers her patients, as well as her media work, where she appears as the Fertility Expert on both This Morning and Channel Mum.

The second speaker was Karis McLarty. Karis is one of the inspiring committee members of The Lawyers Circle and is leading on their Maternal Health Rights Project in Tanzania. Karis is an international human rights, privacy and anti-corruption lawyer working within corporations to invigorate their ethical culture, and spearhead investigations and remedial action.

The Lawyers Circle have made a UN Every Woman Every Child commitment to provide a gap analysis report proposing a legal framework surrounding women’s access to justice and legal accountability for maternal health in Tanzania. They are working with partners Paul Hastings LLP, following the White Ribbon Alliance and the Tanzanian Women Lawyers’ Association’s draft bill presented to the Tanzanian Parliament in 2012. We want decision makers to be accountable for the 24 women dying needlessly in childbirth every day in Tanzania.

“The Tanzanian Government are willing to effect change, but not willing to be legally accountable for that change” — Karis McLarty.
Karis talked about the project and shared the challenges that they have faced along the way. Being part of The Circle means that their report can be objective in a way that reports written by stakeholders could not be. The report is also free information that they want to make available to anyone and everyone who can use the information to empower women in Tanzania.

“We believe that for a right to be effective it must be actionable. Our proposal is to change the law to empower women to be able to assert their rights” — Karis McLarty.


Event details

Where? GCU London, 40 Fashion St, E1 6PX.
When? 26 April. Arrive at 6:30 pm, event starts at 7 pm.