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Member's Annual Gathering 2019

Our Annual Gathering is an opportunity to bring our valued members together to thank and acknowledge you all for your support in our work, as we reflect on our achievements over the past 12 months and share our plans and strategy for 2019.As we know from previous years, it’s also an event full of inspiration and motivation from the range of speakers and fellow guests.

The self selected theme of the event of ‘Just do it’ was brought to life through the women in the room and those who joined us virtually through the joy of technology. From the conversation between Annie and Eve we were reminded to ask ‘what can I do in my own life, with what I have?’ and then be courageous and confident in our doing. Jane showed that to great effect as she described the tragic death of Marie as her founding inspiration for the Marie Colvin Journalists’ Network. We were all inspired to see the legacy of Marie live on in the determined and capable Nada, who with the support of Dima and the network, can grow in confidence and knowledge as she uses her voice to be an agent for change. ‘Who wasn’t touched by Joanne and Emily’s teenage friendship, which was the first step in changing the lives of girls in Uganda together through Irise International? We were delighted to hear from Joyce in Uganda and how she feels empowered to get out into the communities and give girls knowledge and choice about their bodies. Lastly, we heard from a range of our members Melanie, Santosh, Laura, Annie and Susan about how they had brought their transferable skills, their connections, their passion to be active global feminists through their membership with The Circle.