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The Open Circle: Active Bystander Workshop

‘Active Bystander’ is an innovative and award- winning training session which equips delegates with the skills to deal with racism, bullying, sexual harassment and intimidation in the workplace. Often these behaviours may have become normalised over time. It includes techniques to overcome fear, nervousness or panic – and to ‘call out’ bad behaviours with confidence, using advanced communication techniques drawn from the psychology of influence and persuasion. This training was first piloted at Imperial College London and has now been successfully rolled out to all sectors both nationally and globally.

Scott Solder

Scott Solder co-designed the ‘Active Bystander’ training programme and is one of the founders of The Active Bystander Training Company. He is a communication coach, consultant and author specialising in the field of influence, persuasion and assertive language – and a former Editor in BBC News & Current Affairs.

Scott delivers ‘Active Bystander’ and other training/coaching programmes to organisations in several sectors. His client list includes European universities and financial services, Whitehall government departments, the Institute of Cancer Research, London – and the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Details of the Workshop

– A video demonstrating bystander apathy

– References to high profile examples of inappropriate/ unacceptable behaviour

– Decision- making techniques to help people overcome fear and self -doubt when faced with a challenging situation

– Assertiveness techniques to give them the confidence and tools to speak out, whether they are dealing with the challenge directly or calling for help from others.