Covid Appeal




At The Circle, we know women and girls, especially in developing countries, are disproportionately affected during emergencies. Your donation will allow the projects we fund to urgently adapt and scale up their response over the coming months.

some of the projects your donation will support

The Nonceba Family Counselling Centre provides shelter for women in Khayelitsha, a township near Cape Town in South Africa. The women and girls, who have survived domestic violence or been victims of human trafficking, are offered a place to stay, counselling, legal support and access to healthcare and victim empowerment groups. In this community, women and girls are already vulnerable to intimate partner violence, but the fear, tension and stress related to the COVID-19 outbreak has intensified the risks they face. The Centre will use the funds raised by The Circle’s Appeal to meet the increased demand and allow women and girls to stay at the Centre to deal with their trauma for as long as they need.

Irise International works in Uganda to educate girls about menstrual and reproductive health. However, as a result of the crisis they have become increasingly concerned about the impact that the lockdown is having on the basic rights of the most vulnerable women and girls. Women, unable to leave their houses for fear of police brutality, are struggling to feed their children or access reproductive healthcare and contraception. Irise is providing protection and delivers essential supplies to the vulnerable women including food, hand sanitiser, menstrual pads and educational materials. Irise will use additional funds to increase their provision of emergency relief supplies and train staff to respond to instances of domestic abuse.

Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis provides free and confidential support to girls and women who have experienced rape, sexual assault and sexual violence. The Centre offers a wide range of services, including a drop-in service that is a lifeline for survivors. Across the UK, three million women experience some form of gender-based violence every year, but these numbers have risen drastically as social isolation policies have left women and girls vulnerable to abuse. The Centre will use additional funds to respond to the growing numbers of women and girls seeking support by launching and running a dedicated text support helpline service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting Garment Workers is crucial at this time. As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, major garment companies responded by pushing risk and costs down the supply chain. Garment workers in countries such as Bangladesh have swiftly found themselves destitute with factories being forced to close due to dwindling orders. Many of these workers are migrant women. With historically low wages, making it impossible to accumulate savings, these workers are now struggling to pay for housing or essential supplies. We are working with partners to provide emergency relief packages containing food, protective masks and soap. Vital funds are needed to support as many families as possible. The Circle also continues to advocate for a Living Wage.

Since 2008, The Circle has supported 160,000 women in 16 countries by advocating, raising funds and awareness for a broad range of issues, from domestic abuse and girls education to political representation and the right to a Living Wage for garment workers.