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The Scottish Circle, a collective within The Circle, brings together women from all walks of life who are based in Scotland and who have a shared passion and commitment to address the issues faced by disempowered women and girls across the globe.

What they have achieved

Throughout the years, The Scottish Circle has supported a wide range of projects in the UK and overseas.

They supported Oxfam’s We Can Campaign in Pakistan, which aimed to raise awareness about violence against women and girls.

After Nepal was hit by two earthquakes in 2015, Unicef feared a surge in child trafficking. The Scottish Circle helped Unicef establish a comprehensive system led by the government of Nepal that protects children from trafficking.

In 2016 and 2017 they supported The Pink Rickshaw, a project that trains women in Lahore, Pakistan, to start their own business as rickshaw drivers for women only. This project enables women to become financially independent and provides a safe means of transport to the women of Lahore.

They have also worked in partnership with the David Williamson Rwanda Foundation to support two projects in Rwanda: a four-week-long workshop for 150 vulnerable children of the village of Rugerero, and helping women in Rulindo set up a farming cooperative.

The Scottish Circle have raised awareness and funds through a wide range of events such as their Sowing Seeds Growing Futures dinner party, their Handbags Full Circle auction and their Summer Luncheon of 2018, which was attended by Annie Lennox.

In November 2018, Mogwai played a concert in Glasgow, in aid of The Scottish Circle. All funds raised went towards supporting women who have survived violence.

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All the Queens Big Quiz

Join The Scottish Circle girl gang this International Women's Day at BAaD in Glasgow for an unashamedly fun day celebrating the world’s most inspirational women.
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