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The Fashion Circle was one of the first individual Circles to be established within The Circle and has been at the forefront of some show-stopping events, such as the launch of ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ event at Selfridges – raising over a quarter of a million pounds.

The Fashion Circle is invested in The Circle’s Living Wage work:

Fast fashion generates vast revenues, with recent sums of USD 3 trillion being quoted, using a business model that turns around enormous quantities of cheap clothing produced with very short lead times by globally-sourced cheap labour.

It depends on mass consumption at low prices: “pile it high, sell it cheap”. In short, fashion as a disposable product.

The Circle launched a report at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit on Thursday May 11th 2017. The report sets out the legal argument that a living wage is a fundamental human right, and that companies and governments have a responsibility to uphold this right.

Since then, we’ve continued working to progress a new legal framework for a living wage to ultimately ensure that workers in the garment industry – who are predominantly women – receive a living wage. In February 2018 we took our first report to the European parliament where it was debated. We have also been working on a second report to make a proposal for a new legislation framework to stop the “race to the bottom” and ensure a living wage.

Read the full report here: Fashion Focus: Towards a Legal Framework for a Living Wage

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Fashion Focus: The next step towards developing a legal framework for a living wage

Bringing together those in working in the garment industry to help strengthen the work on a legal solution to the living wage.
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