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The Circle Italia was founded in 2010 by Antonella Antonelli, Editor of Marie Claire, Italia, and hasn’t looked back. Members come from the world of fashion, arts, communications, film, and business and together they are helping to develop creative initiatives to raise funds and awareness.

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The Italian Circle are currently supporting Mama Marocco as their chosen project, which supports mothers whose children are undergoing hospital treatment. The Italian Circle will be raising funds and awareness for the plight of these Moroccan mothers and providing specialised training for nurses and initiatives such as ‘Mom Kit’ which will contain vital items for the time they spend in hospital during their child’s recovery.

They’ve also recently launched their Sister Friends campaign which will be raising money for this project.

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Between November 20th and January 6th, the Circle Italia collaborated with Oxfam Italy and Fidenza Village, a fashion designer outlet outside Milan, to create a unique Christmas…
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