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The Asian Circle is a network of UK-based Asian women from all walks of life who have a shared passion to support vulnerable women in India and South Asia.

The Asian Circle was founded by Santosh Bhanot, and launched in November 2013 at the Houses of Parliament.

An Executive Committee provides leadership and direction for the group, which aims to support projects that increase South Asian women’s ability to participate in their communities by strengthening their voices, gaining equality and improving their earning potential.

What they have achieved

The Asian Circle hosts a wide variety of fundraising and networking events in London. They have organised film screenings, including The True Cost at SOAS and of Chalk ‘n’ Duster and Ajji at Regent Street Cinema. Every summer, they have their popular Summer Party, which was attended by comedian Shazia Mirza in 2017. They created the concept of Chai Day and launched it in 2015. The Asian Circle and their supporters organised several Chai Days in 2017, including one at the British High Commission in New Delhi and the official The Asian Circle Chai Day at Montys, in Ealing, which was attended by The Great British Bake Off star Rav Bansal.

The Asian Circle has also been the charity partner at awards and other events, including the Karigari Exhibition and Artisanal Sale in 2017 and the Asian Media Awards in 2016.


The Asian Circle’s trip to India

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"Ajji" Film Premiere

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