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The Members of The Media Circle, connect, amplify, advise and fundraise in support of The Circle’s projects so that together we can raise awareness of the issues caused by gender-based inequality, amplify the voices of women empowered to bring about positive and lasting change and do our part in creating a fairer world where women and girls can realise their human rights. The members seizing opportunities to use their expertise, skills, platforms, resources and influence required to raise funds and awareness for issues facing women and girls globally.

The Media Circle’s Executive Committee is currently made up of ten international media practitioners from across the sector. The Media Circle is a diverse group of professionals, including filmmakers, PR experts, designers, photographers, journalists, executive producers, digital media specialists and more, representing the world of ‘Media’ in a multi-disciplinary and inclusive way. The committee is currently open to inviting members of The Circle, with professional connections to media to join their committee. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic and resourceful team as this The Media Circle shapes and defines how media can empower some of the most marginalised and vulnerable women and girls globally.

What They Have Achieved

Members of The Media Circle have gathered together a number of times this autumn to connect with fellow members and learn more about The Circle’s projects, how The Media Circle has been working and about their ambitions moving forward. Over the next six months The Media Circle will continue to establish and grow their community through networking events and similar gatherings.

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The Media Circle are currently fundraising for all of The Circle’s projects. To find out more about the projects click here!

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Unseen Stories

An online auction of limited edition photographs and prints.
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