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The London Circle, a collective within The Circle, brings together women from all walks of life, who live or work in London and have a shared passion and commitment to address the issues faced by disempowered women and girls across the globe.

The Circle is the overseeing governing organisation connecting all our individual Circles and members. Members of The London Circle are first and foremost members of The Circle, which connects them to our wider network of like-minded women internationally. By coming together though they can take action together to support and amplify the voices of the women and girls supported by The Circle’s work.

Members of The Circle use their influence, skills, resources, connections and knowledge to support women’s rights and influence change for gender equality. Together we work on addressing the issues of gender-based inequality with the aim of creating a fairer world where women and girls are empowered to realise their human rights. Members take action by seizing opportunities to use their expertise, skills and influence required to raise funds and awareness for issues facing women and girls globally.

What They Have Achieved

Members and friends of The London Circle, a collective within The Circle, will be rowing the Great River Race in September to raise funds for The Circle to go towards supporting the Nonceba Family Counselling Centre in South Africa. They will be completing this challenge in a dragon boat, a skill new to the entire team, who will be training hard over the coming months.

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The Great River Race to raise money for The Circle!

Some of our members will be taking part in the Great River Race to raise money for The Circle!
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