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The Healthcare Circle, a collective within The Circle, brings together women from all walks of life, with professional experience in the health sector, who have a shared passion and commitment to address the issues faced by disempowered women and girls across the globe. 

The Healthcare Circle is primarily a vehicle for members of The Circle, with a shared connection to healthcare, to use their influence, skills, resources, connections and knowledge to support women’s rights and influence change for gender equality. Together we work on addressing the issues of gender-based inequality with the aim of creating a fairer world where women and girls are empowered through access to safe, best practice education and resources, to enable the positive autonomy of their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.  The members take action by seizing opportunities to use their expertise, skills and influence required to advise on women’s heath related topics, raise funds and amplify the voices of women and girls facing the greatest gender inequalities and disempowerment over their own bodies in global communities. Members connected through The Healthcare Circle have an interest in or have made a personal commitment to gender equality for all women and girls.  

Membership to The Healthcare Circle is available to members of The Circle who have a shared professional connection to the healthcare sector. 

What They Have Achieved

In May, The Healthcare Circle and The Music Circle held an event together in support of The Circle’s partner project – Irise International. They screened the Oscar-winning documentary Period.End of Sentence to educate and inform our guests on the importance of access to knowledge and essential sanitary products in the global movement for gender equality.

Alice Sinclair held An Evening of Music and Conversation in support of Nonceba Family Counselling Centre. Participants were able to select a favourite female icon to paint and create beautiful portraits in their own style.

In November, The Healthcare Circle held their official launch by hosting a panel discussion: Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: How can we best support women and girls? They were delighted to welcome an expert panel of speakers from various specialism and the healthcare sector, including FGM/C specialist midwives, obstetricians, psychotherapists and activists. All funds raised from this event went towards The Circle’s Chai Day projects.

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The Goddess Space

Chair of The Healthcare Circle, Alice Sinclair teamed up with Anoushka Florence of The Goddess Space for an evening of goddess vibes for a good cause.
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