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An organisation of women working together to achieve equality for women and girls in a fairer world

Founded by singer-songwriter and activist Annie Lennox in 2008, The Circle is a unique organisation inspired by the notion that when women come together and organise, they can be a powerful force for change. We are a global network of women from all walks of life and all backgrounds who have something in common: the awareness that we still do not live in a world where women and girls have equal rights and equal opportunities. History shows us that when the collective power of women come together positive change can be achieved.

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What we have achieved

● Since 2008, the women of The Circle have raised over £2.5m.

● This has supported over 160,000 women and girls in more than 16 countries.

● We have produced reports that have set out the legal argument for the rights of women in regards to both the Maputo Protocol in Africa and a Living Wage in the garment industry. These reports have then been used to advocate for change.

● We support a range of projects, organisations and campaigns each year that work on issues from violence against women and political representation to economic empowerment and education.

● We support women and girls all over the world from farmers to journalists.