Widen Your Circle: with The Circle ally Brett

“Besides the incredible women who were my role models throughout my life, I was also inspired by my favourite singer, Annie Lennox, and her passion for equal rights and gender equality.” At The Circle, we are of the strong belief […]

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Widen Your Circle: with The Circle member Diane

This month, as part of Widen Your Circle, we have spoken to a number of our members about their involvement with The Circle and what it means to be a member! Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am […]

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Annual Gathering 2020

Our Annual Gathering is an opportunity to bring our valued members together to thank and acknowledge you all for your support in our work.

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glasgow rape and crisis centre

Glasgow Rape Crisis

The Scottish Circle are supporting Rape Crisis Glasgow, an organisation that has been supporting victims of rape, sexual assault and/or sexual violence since 1976.

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Latest News

Women are worse positioned in social, economic and political hierarchies. Women everywhere are more likely to experience violence and less likely to influence decisions that affect their lives.

Thank you @Palomafaith for helping us raise awareness! #GlobalFeminism

Chair of The Healthcare Circle, Alice Sinclair is teaming up with Anoushka Florence of The Goddess Space for an evening of goddess vibes for a good cause. Get your ticket now - limited number available!


10 March, 7-9pm!


900,000 people - mostly women & children- have been forced to flee in Idlib #Syria since December, says the UN :(

As part of #WidenYourCircle, we wanted to catch up with Brett to discuss what it means to be an ally of The Circle. Read the interview below! #GlobalFeminism


Find us at the WOW Festival Marketplace this International Women's Day!

We'll be there with members, volunteers, and lots of information about how to support our work.



@LorienHaynes @RiseNowUS @TheCircleNGO @TaraXFitzGerald @nguyen_amanda @UN @thejasonisaacs @JoeSims10 @CharlieREField Find out more about our staged reading of Everything I Ever Wanted To Tell My Daughter About Men, which will be staged in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse on 20 February: https://t.co/eGIeN3MEUy

Join The @ScottishCircle this International Women's Day at BAaD in Glasgow for an unashamedly fun day celebrating the world’s most inspirational women.

Tickets £10 and all proceeds will go to our project partners @RCCGlasgow !



Fast fashion companies are able to quickly move their production to countries with lower wages. The result: labour protection is kept to a minimum.

Our report makes a proposal for a new legislative framework to ensure a living wage!


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