The Circle calls for the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Safety to remain

  The horrific tragedy in 2013 at the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh and the needless death of 1.134 brought to the world’s attention the dangerous and oppressive working conditions that millions of women working in the fast fashion industry face […]

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The Circle’s Feminist Advent Calendar

The Circle Feminist Advent Calendar 1 December – TED x LondonWomen (London) Join TED for the day as they turn their attention to uncover how women and non-binary and genderqueer people around the world over are ‘Showing Up’, facing challenges […]

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Chai Day 2018

Organise a Chai Day and help us raise awareness about gender-based violence and funds to support survivors.

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Nonceba Women Shelter

The Nonceba Family Counselling Centre offers counselling, access to healthcare, legal support and a place to stay for women who have survived violence.

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"#HIV affects all of aspects of your life. My story is not just one of ill-health, but one that shows how #women are taking charge of their own destinies."

At this Stories of Women event: 'We are women drawing women; drawing each other'

Join the Women's Strike Assembly and the Socialist Feminst Campus Collective for the Women’s Strike #Christmas party 🎄🙋‍♀️ Let’s rise like flowers through the cracks of the concrete city and join forces against exploitative work practices and #injustice 🙌

➡️1.8 million people became newly infected with HIV in 2017
➡️940 000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses in 2017
➡️36.9 million people globally were living with HIV in 2017

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting #Wellbeing is imperative to #Sustainable development 🌎💚

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