Facts and Myths about Sex Trafficking in Canada

Photo credit: Matthew S. Browning. The Calgary Circle, the newest affiliate in our sisterhood of Circles, is supporting ACT Alberta, an organisation that works to end human trafficking in Alberta, Canada. To help end human trafficking it is important to understand the […]

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My visit to Nonceba

  The Circle founder Annie Lennox shares her most recent visit to Nonceba, a family counselling centre and shelter for women supported by The Circle. Nonceba is located in Khayelitsha, a township in Western Cape, South Africa. Its vast spread […]

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Networking Summer Drinks

This summer join us for a cold beverage, meet fellow members of The Circle and find out how you can get involved to support women and girls.

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ACT Alberta

Globally, three-quarters of human trafficking is for sex, and most of its victims are women and girls. ACT Alberta works to stop human trafficking in Alberta, Canada, and to support survivors of trafficking.

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Latest News

We're so excited to see everyone at our members' summer drinks in London on Thursday. If you're a member and you'd like to attend, get in touch! #WomenEmpoweringWomen https://t.co/7uvk4h82e0

In Bangladesh, 3.5 million workers work in garment factories to produce goods for the global market. 85% of these workers are women. Help @TheCircleNGO make sure that every garment worker earns a #LivingWage: https://t.co/AOyEPVlmyM

Congratulations to our partner @educate_girls for completing the world’s first Development Impact Bond (DIB) in education. "At the end of three years, Educate Girls’ results in Rajasthan exceeded the DIB’s goals." #WomenEmpoweringWomen https://t.co/nb8kLQbY2j

@Calgary_Circle excited to be planning our activities #womenempoweringwomen & anti- sex trafficking @TheCircleNGO @ACTAlberta

Need some inspiration for what to do? Read our Feminist Calendar to find out about feminist events around the UK #WomenEmpoweringWomen https://t.co/dxKTS5MoAo #FridayFeeling

"Nonceba understands the need to deal with the underlying issues and give the women the skills and resilience to manage once they leave". Read @AnnieLennox's post about Nonceba, a shelter for women in South Africa. Now on our blog: https://t.co/WlezIjHP3H #WomenEmpoweringWomen

Our Relationship Manager, @PetaBB who will be at South Africa House Trafalgar Square at midday for 30minutes of silence to stand in #solidarity with womxn of South Africa #Endgenderbasedviolence #TheTotalShutdown #MyBodyNotYourCrimeScene #WowenEmpoweringWomen #EVAW

#TheTotaShutDown #TotalShutDown is officially trending. Let’s take our digital activism and be on the ground tomorrow morning. #IWillMarch will you be there? ✊🏾 #GirlTalkZA

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