Widen Your Circle: with The Circle Ally Christian

“I believe that being an active contributor to change, regardless of your gender, is an essential part of achieving equality for women and girls.” At The Circle, we are of the strong belief that the fight for gender equality has […]

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On the Road to Iran

  Susan Ferner is a member of The Calgary Circle who has channeled her experience of coming close to traffickers and her subsequent heightened awareness of the issue into a beautiful creative writing piece. Since becoming a member, she has […]

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Chai Day 2019

Chai Day is our national fundraising initiative on November 25. Chai Day is about gathering together with friends, family or colleagues, and using that time to do some good.This is a movement that you can take part in to raise funds to support survivors of gender-based violence.

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Nonceba Women Shelter

The Nonceba Family Counselling Centre offers counselling, access to healthcare, legal support and a place to stay for women who have survived violence.

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#WidenYourCircle and host a @ChaiDay2 !

Chai Day is the perfect example of our supporters coming together to do some good. Our Chai Day projects need your support to continue their vital work so why not bring some friends together and host a Chai Day?


October 2 for the next in our Global Feminism Series!

Amá tells an important and untold story: the abuses committed against Native American women by the United States Government during the 1960’s and 70’s. Find out more and book tickets here:


“Around the world we still have a long way to go before every woman and girl has access to equal rights.” @AnnieLennox thank you for sharing this impactful short film! #GlobalFeminism

"I believe that being an active contributor to change, regardless of your gender, is an essential part of achieving equality"

Christian is one of our allies and supports our work in many ways. Find out more about becoming an ally of The Circle here!


In her vlog, Efe explains why she is a member and tells us about one fellow member that has inspired her to continue working towards gender equality. If you've been inspired this month then why not become a member?
#WidenYourCircle #WomenEmpoweringWomen https://t.co/WoDzCVMAM2

#ThrowbackThursday to Erin Lawrence's #ChaiDay last year!

Erin raised a huge amount of money by selling tea and cakes in her office building.

You can host a Chai Day this November in your workplace too. Just head to our webpage for all the information: https://t.co/fFFMWjpQbt

This piece is testament to one of our member's determination to use her own experience to empower other women.

#WidenYourCircle and join women like Susan in becoming a member!


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