#SecondHandSeptember with The Circle Members and Volunteers

The average lifespan for an item of clothing in the UK is only 2.2 years. UK consumers send 11 million items a week to landfill, that’s over 5.5k tonnes of clothing a week (300k tonnes each year) – truly shocking. To keep prices low, […]

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Interview with our Living Wage Project Manager

  Earlier this year, Sharon McClenaghan joined The Circle as the project manager for our Living Wage work. For September, we are focusing on the progress we’ve made with this project and wanted to give our readers this chance to […]

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Chai Day 2019

Chai Day is our national fundraising initiative on November 25. Chai Day is about gathering together with friends, family or colleagues, and using that time to do some good.This is a movement that you can take part in to raise funds to support survivors of gender-based violence.

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A Living Wage

In some countries 80% of the labour workforce in the fast fashion industry are women. Many don't have their rights guaranteed and do not earn a living wage. Read our report outlining the issue and find out why a living wage is a fundamental right.

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Latest News

If you missed out on tickets to see Annie in Glasgow then we have news … a limited quantity of tickets have been released for Annie Lennox : An Evening of Music and Conversation on 26 September.

These tickets will sell out very quickly so don’t delay!


Filmmaker Lorna Tucker reveals the abuses committed against Native American women by the US Government during the 60s & 70s in her new doc Amá.

Join The Circle on October 2nd | Followed by a Q&A with Lorna Tucker and Charon Aseytoyer.



Challenge yourself to shop secondhand for September!

Alternatively, support the 30 Wears Campaign by challenging yourself to ask the question “will I wear this 30 times?” before buying. Some of our supporters have shared their favourite secondhand items!


Our first student society!

The Circle Society GCU is a collective of students at Glasgow Caledonian University taking action to support disempowered women and girls across the globe.

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A young Kenyan girl takes her own life after being period-shamed and humiliated in front of her class by her teacher, after leaking onto her uniform. Enough of the shame and ridicule. Period shaming is a form of bullying. When will this stop? #freeperiods https://t.co/SsaBl9kctf

Apple's Siri was explicitly taught to never say the word "feminism", deflecting w/the concept of equality. This is what happens when #AI is designed primarily by men. And btw, #feminism simply means equality between women and men.

“We don’t take breaks. It doesn’t matter whether you are pregnant or not, whether you are sick or not, you have to sit and work."

- Po Pov, 30, worker in a garment factory.

Our report sets out the legal argument that a living wage is a fundamental human right. Read it now!

Why not challenge yourself not to buy any new clothes for the #SecondHandSeptember ?

Alternatively, support the 30 Wears Campaign started by our Ambassador Livia Firth by challenging yourself to ask the question “will I wear this 30 times?” before making a new purchase.

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