The Circle’s Living Wage Symposium

Photo credit: Nader Elgadi On 8 November, we continued our work to ensure a Living Wage for the millions of women working in the garment industry by convening a symposium to bring together those with the same aim. We were […]

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International Law: Supporting or Ignoring Survivors of Gender-Based Violence?

Image: Victims of sexual violence in eastern Congo, 2007. James Akena/Reuters “Man’s discovery that his genitalia could serve as a weapon to generate fear must rank as one of the most important discoveries of prehistoric times.” – Susan Brownmiller, 1975[1] In conflicts ranging from […]

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Chai Day 2019

Chai Day is our national fundraising initiative on November 25. Chai Day is about gathering together with friends, family or colleagues, and using that time to do some good.This is a movement that you can take part in to raise funds to support survivors of gender-based violence.

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Nonceba Women Shelter

The Nonceba Family Counselling Centre offers counselling, access to healthcare, legal support and a place to stay for women who have survived violence.

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Latest News

Can fashion be an agent for progress?

"What we sincerely believe is that the fashion industry, one of the largest global players, can step forward and can lead the way to lift millions out of poverty"

says @JMPSimor of @ecoage @TheCircleNGO #TrustConf19

“Everyone has a part to play, everyone in this room today is a consumer”. Read all about last Friday's Living Wage Symposium below: https://t.co/ZiAkkwUnhG

#GlobalFeminism #LivingWage #ALegalLivingWage

Thank you to everyone who came to Ladies to the Front: Menstruation Matters last night! Another fantastic event from Trash Like You to support our project partner @irise_int ! #WomenEmpoweringWomen #GlobalFeminism


Last week, associate director Marcus Wilert shared his insights at @TheCircleNGO’s living wage symposium #ESG #responsibleinvestment #stewardship

Some inspiration from our members to you!

Alice shares with us why she decided to hold a Chai Day and encourages you to do the same!

#ChaiDay #WomenEmpoweringWomen


Our volunteer Iona has written an article exploring international law on sexual violence and the response to sexual violence in conflict.

Read it now for her analysis and suggestions on what we can do to support survivors!


#ChaiDay #GlobalFeminism

Come along to The Circle’s Menstruation Matters event tomorrow in London! From 7pm to 11pm there’ll be live music and speakers. For more info and tickets, click here: https://t.co/J3iGe7oWR3 #WomenEmpoweringWomen

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