A Year of Global Feminism

Image: Annie Lennox and Eve Ensler at The Circle’s Annual Gathering 2019 We kicked off the year at our Annual Gathering encouraging everyone to be courageous and confident in their actions to empower women and ‘Just do it’.  The day […]

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The Impact of COVID-19 on The Circle’s Projects

Image: Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images Marginalised people can become even more vulnerable in global health emergencies such as the current COVID-19 pandemic due to a number of factors including limited access to health services. Previous epidemics have illustrated that […]

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Annual Gathering 2020

Our Annual Gathering is an opportunity to bring our valued members together to thank and acknowledge you all for your support in our work.

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Marie Colvin Journalists' Network

A new network for female journalists working in the Middle East and North Africa brings together experienced journalists with courageous reporters, often working with little or no support, to create a vibrant online community.

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Latest News

#FlashbackFriday to our incredible members who took part in the Great River Race to support our work. This amazing team of women paddled a dragon boat down the River Thames to raise valuable funds for the women's shelter at the Nonceba Centre!



"When ... CEOs of fashion firms promise to make masks, they don’t mean that they will be personally making the masks. They mean that the ... garment workers they employ in factories where they contract apparel production will be taking on this new task." https://t.co/xsJCLovhmp

"We know that when emergencies hit, women and girls come last."

We want to keep you as informed as possible about this issue and what the impact may be on marginalised women and girls around the globe. Read our blog post now.



We've united with 50 orgs across the sector to sign a joint call for women and girls in all their diversity to be visible, heard and have their needs met during the #CoronavirusUK crisis response. Please read and RT. https://t.co/UFVzIisQRb @CCriadoPerez @womensaid @4refugeewomen

Cancellations from Western fashion brands are pushing factories into insolvency, and making it impossible for them to pay garment workers. Brands must commit to protecting the workers who make their clothes. #COVID19


Ambassador of The Circle, @liviafirth, answers questions on the impact of COVID-19 on the fast fashion industry. Read it now!


Freelance journos: Keep completing this survey into how #COVID19 is affecting you so the @rorypecktrust know how best to support you during this crisis: https://t.co/VcqGbJM2Wm (English)

Fashion brands talk to governments like Bangladesh and intervene in producer countries the whole time. EXCEPT in crisis when they cut and run saying factories are out of their control. The @ilo must intervene and make them pay up to avoid starvation. This from @TansyHoskins https://t.co/DoCscELR5H

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