Exploitation in the Fashion Industry: An issue from Leicester to Phnom Penh

Image: Rex Home Secretary Priti Patel has claimed to be ‘appalled’ by the illegal wages and working conditions of a garment factory in Leicester, a story that was front page news of this weekend’s UK papers. The factory, which is […]

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Domestic Violence in South Africa

Image: Khayelitsha, South Africa This week has seen the global number of COVID-19 cases surpass 8.5 million, with many countries worldwide continuing to implement some form of lockdown measures. As the country with the highest number of infections on the African […]

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Unseen Stories

An online auction of limited edition photographs and prints.

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Supporting Garment Workers

The project will provide immediate relief for garment workers and their families who have been left destitute in light of the Covid-19 crisis, in partnership with the Clean Clothes Campaign.

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Yesterday was South Africa's National Women's Day and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our project partner, The Nonceba Family Counselling Centre, for their work to empower and protect survivors of violence in Khayelitsha.

You inspire us all.


New report from @cleanclothes estimates that garment workers around the world are owed 3.2 to 5.8 billion in wages for just the first 3 months of the pandemic.

@TheCircleNGO Supporting The Circle has been a truly inspirational experience to help our global sisters thank you xx

Brands have justified cancelled orders and refusal to pay suppliers by claiming that Covid-19 constitutes an event of force majeure.

In June, our Living Wage team published a briefing for suppliers on navigating these arguments with @traidcraftexch.


Thank you to everyone who has supported our appeal so far. We are incredibly grateful for the support shown by our members, allies and friends and are excited for The Circle's next steps!

#womenempoweringwomen #globalfeminism

Most of the 60 million garment workers powering the industry have to make hard choices for themselves and their families. It's time for change. Tell brands to #GoTransparent and pay a #LivingWageNow with #FashionChecker

Photo credit: Yevgenia Belorusets

Gender-based violence surging among displaced women during pandemic, report warns https://t.co/XC4Aw3hCSp

Amid the shocking and devastating news from #Beirut, we hope all our members and mentors and their families there are safe. We extend our solidarity and prayers to you all.

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