Force Majeure and Covid-19: A Guide for Suppliers in the Garment Industry

Image: Getty Images Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, some brands and retailers have cancelled and refuse to pay for orders by claiming that Covid-19 constitutes an event of force majeure. But what is force majeure, and what steps can you […]

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Women and Girls Solidarity Fund: Impact So Far

  We want to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters, members, allies and friends who have donated to our emergency appeal that we launched to respond to the additional challenges that the women and girls in […]

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Open Circle: How to Create Successful Online Events Workshop

From meetings to workshops, to weddings; events are going online for the foreseeable. So how do we create successful online events?

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Nonceba Women Shelter

The Nonceba Family Counselling Centre offers counselling, access to healthcare, legal support and a place to stay for women who have survived violence.

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Our treatment was just not right and I was tired of it” - Rosa Parks✊🏾
#WeAreTired #SayTheirNames https://t.co/5mF62C7UCE

Breonna Taylor should be celebrating her birthday today. In March, her life was cut short by Louisville, KY police at home. @battymamzelle launched #BirthdayForBreonna to hold those responsible for her death accountable. Act here: https://t.co/6y5mZh5Xzo
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"Make a personal and professional commitment to change. Not just this week, not just on social media, but in all ways, forever." Our pack of anti-racism resources, in paid consultation with @TripleCripples. Full pack with links: https://t.co/HJrW8YNaue #saytheirname #bloodyaction


Don't miss this #CFWIJ webinar next Weds with #MCJN Editor Dima Hamdan on how #womenjournos in the #MENA are coping during #COVIDー19 https://t.co/14KgSgJ26o

Due to the pandemic, retailers have refused to pay for orders, claiming that Covid-19 constitutes an event of force majeure.

The Circle and @traidcraftexch have published a briefing for suppliers on how to navigate force majeure. Read it now:


We've provided emergency grants to ensure that survivors of violence can access lifelines during lockdown.

Help us keep refuges open by donating to and sharing our Women and Girls Solidarity Fund: https://t.co/ihvBKJUA5B


Just as the fashion industry would not exist without the exploitation of women or the planet, it would NOT EXIST without the exploitation of people of colour – issues that are inextricably intertwined.

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