Widen Your Circle: with The Circle Member Lianne

“They say that there is power in numbers and I think this is particularly true for us as women” The second vlog in the Widen Your Circle campaign is by Lianne, a member of The Circle that is based in […]

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Widen Your Circle: with Susan and Adrienne

“To actually sit down for the first time ever and have a conversation about domestic violence and about sex trafficking… we’re connecting at a very different level” This month, our members are taking over our blog, to tell you why they […]

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The Oxford Circle Author Talk

Sue Lloyd-Roberts died before she finished writing "The War on Women". Her daughter, Sarah Morris, finished writing it and got it published in 2016. She will talk about "The War on Women" and the challenges of finishing her mother's work.

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A Living Wage

In some countries 90% of the labour workforce in the fast fashion industry are young women. Many have little rights and do not earn a living wage. Read our report outlining the issue and find out why a living wage is a fundamental right.

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#WidenYourCircle part 2! The Circle member Lianne talks about why she likes being part of our network https://t.co/LjqpktFYdB #FridayFeeling

As a #friyay treat we are excited to announce the speakers for Empower The Creative Woman! @PerriLewis & @EmilyneMondo Be lead & inspired by these inspirational voices. Tickets & more info click here https://t.co/ps7ZkXL8Dr #empoweringwomen #women @TheCircleNGO @lucille_clerc


#WidenYourCircle part 2! The Circle member Lianne talks about why she likes being part of our network https://t.co/LjqpktFYdB #FridayFeeling

We are offering FREE one-off Arabic Skype classes for schools, led by trained tutors from refugee backgrounds, to get #teachers and #pupils excited about language learning and global issues 🎓🌍🗣️. Sign up: https://t.co/hjIoiFyUVh and help spread the word!

When it’s grey outside & you are working on your own & you receive an email that fills your heart so much that your eyes leak a little... #EmpowerWomen #LoveMyJob @TheCircleNGO

Not sure what to do this weekend? Take a look at our #FeministCalendar https://t.co/GNGbiIpPgZ #WomenEmpoweringWomen

If there is no reduction in #childmarriage, the global number of women married as children will reach 1.2 billion by 2050 #endchildmarriage https://t.co/lu57ltAqWP

#TBT to one of our most fun and most inspiring parties of 2017: celebrating Marie Colvin and raising funds for the Marie Colvin Journalists Network. This year, we will be celebrating Marie's legacy once again at Bush Hall on 21 February.

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