Widen Your Circle: with The Circle Member Sophia

“I remember in primary school being taken into a separate room along with the rest of the girls to talk about periods whilst the boys did something else. No wonder it is seen as a taboo subject and no wonder […]

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Widen Your Circle: with The Circle Member Brianna

“It’s hard to forget the first time you got your period… it’s scary and uncomfortable enough, even when you have the privilege of knowing what it is and that you’ll be okay.” Brianna is an Australian trained social worker currently […]

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Menstruation Matters with Irise International: Film Screening and Panel Discussion

The Music Circle and Circle members with a shared professional connection in the healthcare are proud to be hosting an event in support of The Circle’s partner project – Irise International.

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Irise International

Irise International educates girls about their menstrual and reproductive health and makes sanitary products available and affordable in their communities.

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Latest News

We'll be screening the award-winning documentary Period. End of Sentence at Menstruation Matters next week. The film tells the story of a community of women in India leading a quiet sexual revolution.

Get your tickets here: https://t.co/cLU79lAEAU


Meet Grace! With support from The Circle, organisations like @irise_int are tackling these taboos and changing young girl's views about their period.

#GlobalFeminism #MenstruationMatters


"I remember in school being taken with the girls to talk about periods whilst the boys did something else. No wonder it is seen as a taboo subject!"

Sophia has been organising our Menstruation Matters event. Read her Q&A below!#WidenYourCircle #MHDay2019

There's been a LOT of excitement around this next speaker and her talk announcement.

We're delighted that @AnnieLennox @TheCircleNGO will be at #TEDxGla2019 to discuss Global Feminism!

Have you got your tickets to hear Annie speak yet? Click HERE >>> https://t.co/eJFyV9HsrL

Safe and affordable sanitary products are vital to a girl's education!

#WomenEmpoweringWomen #MenstruationMatters #GlobalFeminism #MHDay19

If you think it doesn’t, keep scrolling! ☝️ @TheCircleNGO and @irise_int are screening award winning film “Period. End of Sentence” to celebrate Menstrual Health Day. Plus you’ll have a chance to hear about the amazing work of Irise International. Tix @ https://t.co/lCBsWlsQgc 🎈

We're celebrating periods and body positivity! 🎈 This Menstrual Health Day across London, we've been included in a series of events where there is something for everyone organised by campaigners 🎉 Check it out here: https://t.co/U7vYUPf0mA #MHday2019 #GlobalFeminism

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